"Behavior in the family": The family is only happy when "pros and cons wife."

The family is a particular social institution, a small social group whose members are intertwined by marriage, blood relations or adoption, because of the community of living, moral responsibility together to meet the individual needs of each member as well as to fulfill the social necessity of human reproduction.

 Cultural Festival "Family Joy" organized by the Union of Cultural and Heritage Division, Ministry of Culture and Information on Vietnam Family Day

 The existence and development of the family to this day is due to the relationships, conduct and interaction between family members and society. A family that is harmonious and happy, the members always love, care, respect and share as well as "sacrifice" for each other, not afraid of disadvantage, not more lost than losing.

Behavioral culture: An important factor determining family happiness

The family in our country during the period of industrialization and modernization has been considered a major social issue, is considered as one of many important measures to promote the sustainable development of the society. The organization of good family and thoughtful family education will have a profound impact on the formation of human personality, creating an important premise to provide human resources to meet the country's needs in the past. development process. Therefore, family education shows diversity and multidimensionality, it has both an individual influence on the individual (between parents and children, between grandparents and grandchildren) and has the influence of the whole group. family interconnected affects individuals through lifestyle, life in every family. The family is still considered one of the extremely valuable spiritual values ​​of mankind, it should be preserved and promoted. Especially in Vietnam, the family issue was very concerned by the Party and the State, issued many guiding documents such as Directive 49 / CT-TW, the Prime Minister chose June 28 as Vietnamese family day and all aiming at building Vietnamese families "Warm, equal, progressive, happy and sustainable development".

Family behavior is an important activity that contributes to the performance of family functions, especially the function of education and socialization of people. Through behavioral activities, communication with family members, between family and society, creating a culture of the color of each family and thereby creating community and ethnic culture. The family is a peaceful place to return, where spiritual, spiritual and emotional needs are built, where the hardship of the people in life is alleviated. In modern society with more connected means, but family time is limited so the behavior is less and the quality of behavior tends to decline. Family behavior is a way in which each member responds to the behavior, gestures and words of other members in order to show consensus, indifference or disagreement over a family or out-of-town problem. Assembly Each member's behavior can make family atmosphere, family relationships from happy to stressful or vice versa.

Principles of basic family behavior

There are many principles in family behavior, but the following principles are the core, making the guideline for keeping family life safe and happy: Love, equality, respect, sharing, eliminating ego ... For example, equality in the family is the fact that the wife and husband, son and daughter, male and female members of the family are in a position and the horizontal role each other, the right to create conditions and opportunities to promote their capacity for the development of families equally, the right to benefit from the development of families and society equally, the right to participate in decision making problems of self and family. Based on those rights, Family members are free to participate in household and social affairs depending on their abilities and interests, free to choose the same or different roles in the family depending on the item. Each person's goal is free to choose how to enjoy the fruits according to each person's preferences. However, equality does not mean equal, due to biological characteristics k
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