Far away from each other for years, not tired of the wife, no third person, this is the "love charm" that her wife applies every time her husband is away from home.

Lisa's husband, Steven, is about to make a short trip to London. Although Steven will return before the weekend, Lisa still has a habit of making a card and stuffing her husband's suitcase like a peace charm on every flight.

Sometimes, Lisa will add a family photo or a small piece of heart-shaped coral. Lisa did this because, if her husband's business trip was unsettled, at least she didn't regret it because she expressed her love for her husband.
Every time Steven goes on a business trip, Lisa and her husband have a secret convention to call each other every day. Normally, both will tell each other about the details of the business trip, the time of eating, the junk and countless difficult things in life.
Lisa gradually realized the problem that the couple often told each other over the phone often repeated and extremely bland. Because both spouses are in isolated places, even the sentiments and time zones are different. Lisa was reluctant to know the news of her husband's work, and Steven was not happy to hear his wife talk about what she was doing while she was separated from her husband.
A year away from each other, not bored with his wife, no third person, this is the love charm that his wife applies every time her husband is away from home - Photo 1.
Lisa started having vague thoughts that sometimes a couple is far away from each other is a good experience. Lisa and her husband often share housework together. When Steven goes on a business trip, Lisa realizes she can happily solve herself. After the children had gone to bed, instead of cuddling with her husband, she had more time to concentrate on her work.
Not that Lisa was tired of her husband, she wanted him to be with him more than he needed to share everything in life. In marriage, wives always question the question: "What if I don't have you next?".
For Lisa, her answer is: "If I don't have you around, I will still do what I need to do, and I will find joy in what I am doing."
After 20 years of marriage, Lisa and her husband have learned from their marriage experiences, if the couple is far away from each other, when talking on the phone, they need to speak simply and briefly. Only share with each other when something big or happening happens to one of them. What husband and wife need to say the most is the expression of love and mutual concern. Do not elaborate on daily life related things, so that when both husband and wife meet again, it can break in happiness and unexpected joy.
Far away from each other for years, not bored with his wife, no third person, this is the love charm that his wife applies every time her husband is away from home - Photo 2.
7 years ago, Lisa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Steven gradually restricted foreign business trips, instead working in the country to ease his wife's care. But Lisa understands that the nature of her husband's work needs to go far to talk directly to her colleagues and she accidentally hinders her husband's career.
After several times of encouraging her husband to work safely, Steven finally received the company's instructions and agreed to go to the airport to continue working abroad. Lisa smiled at her husband because she wanted her husband to feel secure about him. Lisa acknowledged that this trip was more important than the previous ones, because Steven needed to temporarily leave his sick wife and she also needed to temporarily leave a husband who cared for him.
When Steven's friend proposed, both should maintain contact via Skype. In fact, both spouses used to maintain contact by sending messages and emails. Before she fell ill, Lisa and her husband discovered that, if handled properly, the couple's separation from each other could make them both good and at the same time they could free each other's afflictions in life. This is a factor that makes their marriage status always comfortable and deeply attached.
Steven and Lisa do not use video calls or send messages via Skype. By simply before leaving, Steven had placed a letter in his wife's bedroom telling her to take care of herself. Lisa also placed a special card in her husband's suitcase as a talisman hoping that the couple would soon meet again.
According to Tu Uyen 

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