Not her mother-in-law, this is the most frightening figure in her husband's house, but the wife's treatment is 'hard'.

Story of mother-in-law - bride has 1001 nuances. But the story of the bride - her husband sometimes suffers from many hardships and conflicts, especially in the scene of sharing a house. Knowing the behavior, living was an inconvenience, on the contrary, inconsiderate, asexual together with ungainly, how the family also experienced civil war.

Recently, a story posted on social networks revolves around living in a house between a young bride and her sister-in-law to attract the debate of many milky sisters.
The sister-in-law lamented: 'I'm so bored, Mom. This is my kitchen when everyone finish waiting for me to clean up. You and your husband have been married for more than 1 year, are planning to have no children yet. My husband's house is in a common style, my parents-in-law and my husband-in-law. There is nothing worth talking about if my sister-in-law does not return home.
I work until 6:30 am so often my mother-in-law stays at home to cook, I eat later and will clean the house, wash dishes, wash clothes for the whole family. After finishing, it must be 10 o'clock to be put back to sleep, but before that, there were many people in the house, I was still worried.
She and her mother-in-law were also normal and not too strict, but since her sister-in-law divorced and brought her two daughters to live together, everything turned upside down. I want to go crazy, Mom.
My sister-in-law does not have any words to say. Leaving my husband to my mother's house, I have both my brother and my sister-in-law but I don't know anything. I have to do double work now. Garbage in the room never poured, underclothes, sanitary pads indiscriminately in the bathroom, finished candies peeled at the top of the bed, I really bored.
Not her mother-in-law, this is the most frightening character in her husband's house, but the way her wife is treated is hard - Photo 1.

The story began to culminate when her mother-in-law kept calling this month the money increased and her husband asked to give her more. So my mother-in-law also asked me to borrow 200 million VND, I asked her if she did not say the reason, she told me that I had a job, and made sure that I paid the interest. I was afraid to refuse to fear her again, so I closed my eyes to lend. Who expected the next day to see her husband always take care of the new SH, and also buy bedroom furniture for her 3 children and mother.
I don't think it is good, but I am the most spoiled, my husband's sister, the teacher, who is the one who teaches her like this. Before going up here, I confided that I left the bowl and the kitchen as a garbage dump after her mother and daughter showed up. And I also declared to my mother-in-law to eat separately, my husband did not accept me to leave my husband. Everyone can only live once, just to go to other people unreasonably, I turned out to be too foolish. Are you okay with me doing that? "
Not her mother-in-law, this is the scariest character in her husband's house, but the way to handle this wife is hard - Photo 2.

Immediately after posting, the story of this bride received a lot of her comments. People think that this bride is weak because she is too light, giving her mother-in-law a large amount of money that cannot be paid when she has a need. He condemned her less charming husband, who lacked consciousness.
There are sentences "every tree per flower, every house per scene". Well, "the peace of the quarter" is still what the experts recommend. Everything is already done, it is important that each person needs to try himself. And the wife's way of doing it cannot confirm whether it is right or wrong because only in that context can you know what is really necessary.
Today's life is much more modern, women also know how to make money and calculate expenses so that it is reasonable. As for living and family life, instead of being resentful in my heart, the bride-in-law should frankly dare to say things that make me feel tired and express my own views to my parents and siblings in a clever way. dexterity. I kept doing my daughter's duty, everything was not my fault.
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