The note cannot be ignored when booking air tickets for families with young children

What documents do children need to fly? How should family travel, especially trips with young children, be noted? Let's find out.

Select the location and travel time suitable for children
Choose the time and place of travel for families with young children is one of the very important notes to ensure the health of your baby throughout the trip. If your family has young children, you should choose to travel in a place where living conditions, health, mild climate, cool and not too crowded like Da Lat, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh ...
Notes not to be missed when booking a plane ticket for families with young children - Photo 1.
The whole family of Da Nang tourism
So what is the right time to travel for families with young children? Many parents often let their children travel in the summer or on Tet holidays because they have a break. But if your family can arrange a more flexible time, you should choose to travel in the fall of the year - when the weather starts to cool, the rain is low, the weather is hot and the high season is also gradually over.
The rules need to know before booking a flight for families with children
To book air tickets for families with young children, you must learn the airline's own rules. Specifically, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific will refuse to transport children under 7 days old. While Vietjet Air and Bamboo Airways do not allow children under 14 days to fly.
Notes cannot be missed when booking a plane ticket for families with young children - Photo 2.
Baby under 2 years old on the flight
Besides, you also need to know the age of children when booking flight tickets. Fares vary depending on the age of the child, such as 0 - 2 years old, 2 - 12 years old and 12 years or older. Don't forget, age is calculated from time of birth to flight, not at the time of booking. Besides, remember to fully inform the date, month and year of your child's birth to the person who booked the ticket, as the number of children per flight will be limited depending on the airline.
What documents do children need to fly?
- For children under 2 years old, if there is no birth certificate, parents can use birth certificate to book air tickets as well as use paperwork when moving for children.
- From 2 - 12 years old, children are required to use the original birth certificate or copy of the extract to move. Absolutely not use notarized copies.
Notes cannot be missed when booking a plane ticket for families with young children - Photo 3.
Sample of original birth certificate and excerpt
- Over 12 years old, children can use their ID card or passport to fly. In case the identity card has not yet been issued, parents can take the child to make a personal identification as instructed here .  
- Besides, if the family wants to take the children to travel abroad, be aware of the passport for children about 2 weeks in advance. However, if you do not have time to do so, you can declare your name information, date of birth and photo of the child to attach in your passport.
- If children travel with relatives who are not their parents, ask for authorized shoes in accordance with regulations to ensure the most convenient flight.
Note when participating in flights with young children
Children 0 - 2 years of age when traveling on a plane will sit in their parents' lap and have their own safety seconds, while children over 2 years old will be seated like adults. In addition, some airlines will provide special seating services for children. Therefore, try to consult carefully the rules of buying a chair before booking a flight.
Notes cannot be missed when booking a plane ticket for families with young children - Photo 4.
Children over 2 years old have separate seats on the plane like adults
Families with young children often carry milk, so it is important to note that according to the airlines' regulations, do not carry more than 1 liter of liquid on a plane. Similar to milk, it is also the maximum amount you are allowed to bring on board. However, 1 liter must be broken into bottles with a capacity of not more than 100 ml each.
 - Air ticket agents of domestic and international airlines share more: Buying front seats for the whole family when flying will be necessary for everyone to sit close to each other and parents are easy to take care of smaller. There is a way for you to choose a free seat first, which is online check-in (online check-in) to reserve your seat. However, if you intend to sit near the exit door or have checked baggage, you will still have to go to the counter and cannot check online.
Above is useful information when booking flights for families with young children. Hope that these sharing will help your family have the most convenient and fun trip.

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