Wife like this, every husband wants to quickly leave

Many people think that they are married, not married, so they only pay little attention to the husband's family members. But the important thing is that the parents-in-law are the ones who gave birth to their spouse, the way you deal with your husband's family will show a lot of things. If you only behave socially, unfriendly, even if you speak ill, think badly about your parents-in-law will make your partner depressed, disappointed and no longer trust and respect you .

Or complain
Usually, you have to do many social and agency tasks, plus a dozen housework, you are tired and feel pressured. But instead of blaming or complaining, try to find a way to mobilize your husband's participation to share the work. Your unsolicited complaints do not make the situation better, but you will even make people around you including your husband feel stressed. Reasonable work arrangements and assignments to others will help you solve this problem. So, do you have more time for yourself such as beauty, meeting friends ... and these will help you reduce stress.
Wife like this, every husband wants to quickly leave - Photo 1.
Or mock
If women are unable to control or manipulate men, they are frustrated and upset that their husbands are stubborn and stubborn. They want men to forget about themselves and submit to their wives and use a way of mocking and grumbling to make men fall and abandon their stubbornness.
Many women have succeeded in this way. But when they successfully change their husbands, they cry because their husbands have changed and are no longer the people they once loved. Men, once tired and fed up with their wife's mockery, will sail to more calm waters.
Women grumbled to show their control. They are rarely satisfied with what their husbands do. Although women are nagging and like to command, they still silently expect their husbands to be more proactive and responsible, bravely standing up to shoulder and taking care of domestic affairs.
Today, the type of strong women is very popular. Men admire women who know the direction for their lives. However, no woman wants to be strong, they all hope to find a faithful faithful.
This makes men confused about what women want. So they are shy and dare not show their best to women. They do not dare to actively take the right to steer. Women have a commanding role but are not happy in their hearts.
Women do not say outright that they want their husbands to be more proactive and responsible. They just grumbled to adjust their husbands. But men are very allergic to women who are very talkative and grumbling, not too much if they don't want the couple to be separated.
Too jealous
Jealousy is the spice that heats love, but "jealousy is lost" will not avoid the unfortunate consequences, so when you look back, it is too late. If you love, you must be jealous but jealous to the extent that it is both an art to keep you happy. There are many women who even imagine bogus situations to be jealous. There are people who are jealous and control their relationships. There are people who are jealous, which are bad for their husbands and related people even though the incident is not terrible. Jealousy is your own inferiority state. When women are self-deprecating, she loses control and falls into a state of jealousy and fear of losing, the more afraid of losing, the more jealous. This is also one of the bad characteristics of women that many husbands feel "suffocated" in marriage.
Chi li and calculate with her husband's house but with a long house with her mother's house
When women take this action, she always puts her mother's family first in her heart. She doesn't even consider her husband's family to be her family. Men are very "allergic" to this. He feels lack of respect. He even feels lack of trust. Everything she does will make him not feel sincere. At the same time, in every financial concern, there is doubt in his heart. Men are afraid of such wives. And of course, he is not reassured to live with someone who always considers his family as an "outsider" and only his own family is forever. He will leave soon!
Phuong Nghi 

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