1. Accommodation

Many high schools in the UK are boarding schools. GCSE high school students and Alevel preparatory students will be in hostels. Depending on the school, separate dormitories or bedrooms for boys and girls will be divided.

Each school selects a different boarding model. The large Bosworth boarding school consists of 6 boarding schools for young students and 20 other buildings for older students. Dormitories for young students are managed by tutors who help with care and support 24/7. All buildings have secure encrypted entrances, central heating, providing a safe environment for students to relax, study and socialize with friends.

Whereas Brooke House's dormitory size is smaller. The advantage of the school is the attentive care of teachers, helping students feel like a second home.

2. Meals

Students with GCSE high school and Alevel preparation in hostels, receiving school care, are provided with 3 meals a day with a varied and nutritious menu, from cereals, breads and milk Sour, fruit, soup, salads and dishes cooked by the school kitchen or partner restaurant.

3. Student support

Students in the UK have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities of the school and student council:

Sports activities such as football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis;
Yoga, photography, arts, knitting, Mandarin, handicrafts, running, speeches, guitar, chess, martial arts, rock ...
Attend the student council event, visit famous places.

4. Healthcare

School nurses will always be available at the medical office of the school or dormitory for health counseling or general health checkups, counseling to ensure students in the dormitory are healthy enough to attend the school.

5. Opportunity to develop English skills

If English is not your native language, studying A –levels in the UK will be a great way to develop your academic English ability to confidently enter a British university. Learning English is a daily necessity both in communication and academics. However, you will need a minimum level of English to study A-levels. Each school will have its own enrollment policy, if you are not confident in English proficiency, you should study English courses before starting the course.

6. Be a real tourist

The UK has a long-standing culture and many ancient and modern architectural works of the most prosperous civilization on the planet. You will discover famous tourist destinations: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle- Berkshire, the tower of London, Christ Church- Oxford ....

7. Exchange friends all over the world

2 years of A levels you will make many friends all over the world. Not only that, you can get to know many different cultures by making friends.

8. Career advancement in the future

Studying abroad helps you experience a new culture, teaches you life skills, and gives you certain confidence that you can't have in your country. This will improve your CV when you look for work. Moreover, UK qualifications are recognized around the world and attractive to any employer.

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