1. Overview of London School of Commerce

London Business School-London School of Commerce, School of Technology and Management (LSC/STM) is accredited by the Council on the evaluation of higher education and postgraduate block the British private school.

The purpose of the LSC is creating conditions for students in different countries especially in the developing countries have access to an advanced education, and are updated with the skills to communicate and work in an international environment with a the most reasonable cost.

STM is the school's second campus, intensive training of the economics, business administration and information technology.

Faculty and infrastructure

The school has good teachers, experienced and enthusiastic along the learning support equipment such as: projector, library, computer room, ... maximum service for student learning needs.

Extra-curricular activities

Besides, students also participate in STM and LSC activities recreational sport outside school hours at school or recreation centers in the city, the extra curricular activities to cities in the UK or other major cities in the u such as Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, ... held annually in each session.

The training facility

LSC with two of Britain's largest universities are: University of East London (UEL) and University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC). Upon graduation students will receive the official degree from one of the two universities, the degree is recognized worldwide.

Typical achievements

LSC is also the most successful public in Britain with the larger number of MBA students in Europe.
Is 1 in 100, the first school in the UK achieving Highly Trusted Sponsor (highest reliability certification); the school hold this title until now.
Be non school citation done good for the provisions of the Immigration Administration (UKBA) on May 7/2012 by the UKBA Director selection.

2. What are the reasons to choose London School of Commerce

  • The school is located in the heart of London is very convenient and easy for students to move.
  • The fees of the courses is very competitive, and constantly have the scholarship policy and incentive fees to financial aid for students.
  • Free training school English course for 8 months, this was a special favor for students who enroll in college and high school at the school.
  • The degree of school only lasts for two years to help students save a year of accommodation costs in Britain have just had the opportunity to establish career sooner.
  • The school may consider forward (last year of an undergraduate program) if new students complete college system or have not completed an undergraduate program in Vietnam and other countries.
  • LSC has many admission periods in a year, this is very convenient for students to choose the most appropriate entry point.

3. Training programs

University Foundation programs

● Study: finance; Management; Information technology and business

● Tuition: 3,950 EUR

University programs

● Study: finance; Management; Information technology and business

● Tuition: GBP 8,950/2 years

The master program

● Fields of study: business administration; Information technology; International tourism management; International hotel management

● Tuition: 4,950 GBP/12 months or 5,450 GBP/16

UNIVERSITY preparation program + UNIVERSITY

● Study: finance; Management; Information technology and business

● Tuition: GBP 9,950/year


● Tuition: 2,950 GBP/8 months or 2,450 GBP/6 months
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